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Author Topic: Anyone else interested in DIY HiFi stuff e.g. CMoy amps and RPi based DAC's?  (Read 872 times)


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Hey Dudes?

I recently developed an obsession interest in streaming audio devices as my Logitech Squeezebox is getting a bit old and I was looking for a replacement.  Its an interesting area of hobbying, as long as you steer clear of too much of the "Audiophile" guff.

I started out with max cheapness and turned my very old (and largely useless now) Raspberry Pi Model B into a streaming device with dedicated DAC using a Crappy 12 addon board from ebay.

I then bought a Raspberry Pi 3 and a HifiBerry DAC plus to use in the kitchen, sounds nice.  They both run Volumio, which is nice and doesn't require any backend / server software.  This setup sounds really nice through my Kitchen Hifi :

And now, I am trying to improve my very bad soldering skills and am building a CMoy headphone amp. My soldering is very bad, so I am probably going to have problems - but its all for the learning experience tbh :

I wince at my own soldering every time I look at that photo  :-[

An RPi Hifiberry DAC can be bought super cheap second hand on ebay now and they make pretty cool streamers with very decent sound quality for much cheapness.