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Any opinions on Win10 Redstone update?



I've not seen much on the forum about this update thats apparently incoming soon.

I remember some of you guys were in the windows insider program. Is anyone still in the program, and if so, what are your opinions on the update? Also any ideas when it will come out? (if your not allowed to say then thats ok)

My insider PC got repurposed years ago now, after I got really annoyed with where windows 10 was going.

I recently built a new mining rig which I decided to put windows 10 on. its windows 10 pro (not enterprise, I used my enterprise licence on a VM) and I have set it to follow the business users branch, this basically will make the new major updates available albeit with X months amount of delay, so you could consider it a stable version vs the beta version those get who get the updates right away.

The article you linked to says its going to come within a few weeks, it also seems its no new features so in theory it should be stable compared to previous builds, with the exception been settings/drivers people lose.

17th October.



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