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Author Topic: Is it possible with this gateway (Zyxel VMG3925 - B10B) to achieve this?  (Read 805 times)


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Hello, I attach to this post a picture of what I want to achieve, please have a look!

But seems that with interface grouping, I can't combine 2 different LANS or SUBNETS to have one WAN connection (same ADSL connection), what I have to do in order for this to work? Thank you!


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Looking at my 8924 now I dont think is possible using the interface grouping feature.

Because a WAN connection can only be applied to one interface group.

So you will need to keep only one group, but there is a option called "additional subnet", you might be able to using that add a second subnet alias to the interface to allow wired connections over the guest network, from the wifi AP in your case.
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