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Author Topic: BT Stall Ofcom’s Dark Fibre and 2016 Business Connectivity Review Measures  (Read 498 times)


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Ofcom’s Business Connectivity Market Review (here), which last year pledged to open up access to Openreach’s (BT) national Dark Fibre network, cut leased line (Ethernet) prices and deliver quicker installs, has been sent back to the drawing board by the Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT).

A key part of the regulator’s review of the £2bn leased line market was its proposal for BT to make Dark Fibre available in all parts of the UK except central London (including the City of London and Docklands) – where Ofcom deemed that there is sufficient competition in the market – and Hull, where most leased lines are provided by KCOM (KC) rather than BT.

The Dark Fibre requirements would also only apply to a particular type of leased line(s) known as Contemporary Interface Symmetric Broadband Origination (CISBO), which use newer Ethernet and WDM technologies.

The part I don't really like about Ofcom dark fibre review was how it was only aimed at the OR network. Surely a regulator should be introducing general rules across the whole market. Otherwise its going to come across as unfair, and one of the side effects suggested would be other companies wouldnt invest in building more fibre.

It feels like ofcom have a one track mind about BT/OR and haven't done much to encourage and regulate other network providers, or Virgin Media, which for customer service as been getting away with a lot.
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