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Author Topic: FASTHOSTS EMAIL  (Read 3007 times)


  • Kitizen
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« on: July 23, 2017, 06:01:11 PM »

Has anyone here got a Fasthosts Email package?

I have had one for years but have now had a problem, let me try to explain it :-)

What I have done for years is to change the way my Email address is shown to the receiver of the Email.
(Example) account name, I would  change it to relate to who I was sending an Email to.
(Example MY and this has worked fine for years but now it will not send using a pop account or any other account as far as I know, change the email back to and it works without any other settings being changed.

I also have some accounts with1&1 and just tested this out on one of them and it works just as I want it to.

I have contacted support about it a few times but cant get any real answer to the issue.

Why do I do this?  well say my bank, I give and use the bank a email address so if I got a fishing spam email looking like my bank all I have to do is look at the email address and if it is not MYBANK@mydomainname I know it is not from them.

So if anyone here has a Fashosts account could you test this out for me, just change the part before the @ sign in the Email address section.

Thanks, Britbrat