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Author Topic: Kitz and Crew - You are my only hope!  (Read 11377 times)


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Kitz and Crew - You are my only hope!
« Reply #15 on: May 02, 2006, 11:41:10 PM »

Seems odd heh. Since I noticed Interleaving was on I guessed it was on from  day 1.. But I am beginning to wonder now because my speeds have dissapeared.

I am only seeing 512k settings, my upstream at 700k is faster than my downstream. My SNR is 12 and modem says its Sync'd at 3776 but I am yet to receive anything over 110k/s in speeds, usually speed tests return 512k or less lol

Seems like its all going downhill on this end!

I think I will definately be asking for interleaving to be removed. My latency has shot up 20ms but my upstream rate is on average 4 times faster, if this is suppose to be a Max upgrade then I'd hate to receive a Minimum downgrade lol

Sure the speeds were fast for the first few days, but as I am now seeing its almost as if interleaving is causing the problems - although I cant say this for sure as I never checked prior to noticing the speed drops where I was set on fastpath. I am hoping it will iron out a bit over the next two days and maybe get back upto 4mb+.

Although I have noticed that it doesnt just effect gaming but also Video Conferencing and all other online communication software - anything latency orientated. Unfortunately I do use software like that and have noticed the latency change from some old logs I had found.

I dunno, this is all very confusing indeed. I will be happy once the 10 days are up and then I can whinge and whine and demand changes to be made if everything is still acting weird. As it is now Plusnet wont even try to help, I havent even bothered asking as looking at the forums it would seem a pointless exercise.

I will keep you posted. Any ideas why I cant traceroute properly? I am still getting only the first ping and the last, none of the hops are showing any date and only timing out. Is this the norm on Max or is something going terminal on my line lol

Thanks for the reply kitz
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