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New version of Windows begins rolling out 11th April


The Windows 10 Creators Update begins rolling out on April 11th. Prepare your backups.

Nvidia have released an update to their graphic card driver but some people are having problems with it on the creator update (people can download the windows update manually now)

Have already upgraded myself with no issues so far. Some of the new features are nice and overall the OS continues to feel more and more complete. I have noticed that they modified the icon spacing on the desktop, which doesn't work too well if you use the 'Small taskbar buttons' personalisation feature, but otherwise, no issues. I used Microsoft's update tool, not the ISO.

Just updated using the update tool with no problems except having to reset all the privacy options.

Did a clean install on a temp vm I setup to test before upgrading my other machines. Seems to be no issues so far


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