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Author Topic: iOS virtual keyboard  (Read 2979 times)


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iOS virtual keyboard
« on: March 07, 2017, 05:14:15 PM »

I wish I had a really fancy keyboard applet for my iPad. There are loads of things missing that I would like:

* a (right) delete as well as the existing left-delete / backspace,

* a bigger left shift key,

* some way of getting an esc,

* fix the crazy behaviour when caps lock is on so that you can get hold-down-press alternates off keys as you should,

* a favourites key, and an extras key, or one key that does both jobs, between them they cover three sets of characters, one set where all ascii punctuation and character 128..255 plus all common unicode punctuation are available in a grid, the other customisable with my favourite unicode characters, and then the last set being an auto list of all the most recently used unicode characters >= 128. I have a notepad page and have to keep going in there to do copy-paste to get things such as ≥ > ≠ ≡, various other non-ascii unicode punctuation characters and IPA.

* arrow keys would be too much to hope for. Maybe all these things do work because hardware keyboards generate them. `my text editor Textastic has arrow keys and a generally superb extended keyboard with all known punctuation exposed on an extra row.