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Author Topic: Full List of Approved UK ISPs for the 2Mbps Better Broadband Subsidy  (Read 764 times)


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Full List of Approved UK ISPs for the 2Mbps Better Broadband Subsidy

Better late than never. The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has published a useful list of ISP suppliers for their rural focused Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme, which offers a subsidy worth around £350 to properties that struggle to receive a minimum download speed of 2Mbps.

The original idea of this subsidy was to assist around 300,000 premises by helping to cover the setup cost of an inferior Satellite connection (here), but this didnít prove particularly popular and so itís since been expanded to include a wide range of fixed wireless, 4G Mobile and even some fixed line FTTC/P providers (e.g. BT Community Fibre Partnerships, B4RN etc.).

Until now we havenít had access to a full list of the available suppliers but thankfully this information has now been provided and it even includes a rough indication of regional focus. However the column title of ďCoverageĒ may be a touch misleading because it only lists by region / county and yet many of the networks may actually only reach specific patches inside those locations.

We already list most of the alternative network providers in this table, although there are a few names that we havenít seen before and some of the listed ISPs donít appear to offer much or any information on their packages. A few of the less familiar names also seem to have unfinished websites, which is possibly due to being recent entrants.

Otherwise this is a useful table for people who want to know which ISPs can make use of the subsidy in their area.
Visit the site for the list. It was difficult to copy it in here in format.
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