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Author Topic: CCTV Software required  (Read 9640 times)


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Re: CCTV Software required
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2008, 12:12:50 AM »

I thought most were coax which looks to be the interface on the PCI cards on offer.

For video nearly all cameras are BNC connection and audio is Phono.
But you can also get a BNC to Phono adaptor.

So I used a BNC coax lead from the camera which terminates onto a Phono plug, then connected onto a Phono/ SCART adaptor. (a SCART plug with various Phono sockets on the rear instead of the cabling).

My friend installs CCTV systems, so termination equipment and cameras are not a problem.
(I just raid his tool box after he has finished a re-install and have the "not so old stuff" )

But software is not something that he deals with.


The SCART inputs are on the VCR not the PC.
Unfortunately the SCART on my PC is only an "output" connection to TV or VCR.

I have 2 TB spare at the moment as I just removed a few movies.  :angel:

No joy with my original request, but just as a matter of interest to anyone else:

i-Catcher Wildlife is the same program (just a different initial profile)
But I did find i-Catcher Console which also records with all most of the same facilities as i-Catcher Sentry.

I've made a few recordings but just can't seem to figure it out properly though, so good job I never spent megga bucks on the full program.
Although, the recordings were slightly different and one was slightly better than the other between the two versions.
(The trial version came in handy)

After making the video, it's playing back in fast motion and to jerky with the way it captured the frames.
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