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Author Topic: Recommend me an all-in-one printer with reasonable consumables  (Read 1937 times)


  • Kitizen
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  • Posts: 1016

I'm looking for a network connected all-in-one printer/scanner/copier for home use.  I'm not happy with HP because of their consumables pricing, and because of the grief they give you if you use a refilled or third party ink cartridge.  Our current printer has a non-HP Cyan at the moment, and every time you print anything you need to accept about four different pop-ups on the PC bitching about the fact.   So I'm not keen on HP unless either these notifications can be disabled, or it's a model with reasonable cartridge prices.

The missus is/was keen on one HP model as she uses one at work and the price is OK at around 120, but cartridges cost 85 for a set.

By comparison our old Canon has eight separate cartridges, but compatibles are dead cheap and work perfectly well, a full set only costs around 10 or about 2 each for individual.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Tony S