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Author Topic: Noiseburst caused interleaving, recovery?  (Read 961 times)


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Noiseburst caused interleaving, recovery?
« on: June 21, 2016, 11:54:14 AM »

Just over a week ago I successfully got a BT engineer out to reset my line and fitted a MK3 VDSL filter before leaving.
When I recontacted my point of sale speed went upto 57Mbps with the DLM banding of 60Mbps taking into account overheads my internet was slower than the point of sale speed as speed tests show. I was finally able , after 2 weeks of me telling BT's tier technical that the DLM has banded my line, and thretening to leave as moving ISP would reset the DLM and restore my speed, get them to send and engineer.

I had a clean line no interleaving for about a week, then last night a local disturber came on ( REIN )  and took the ES count for the day well over 3000 for the day and the inevitable result was interleaving, the SNR was fluctuating like crazy. The usual count is 1000-2500ES . it started yesterday about midday then went on past midnight.

full line stats in attached txt file , modem up time is 20 days not 1, that is some sort of bug i think.

Latest 1 day time = 22 hours 10 min 16 sec
FEC:      66440      21
CRC:      17      8
ES:      3463      13
SES:      48      0
UAS:      36      26
LOS:      1      0
LOF:      9      0
LOM:      0      0
Previous 1 day time = 24 hours 0 sec
FEC:      0      0
CRC:      0      0
ES:      1192      0
SES:      25      0
UAS:      0      0
LOS:      0      0
LOF:      0      0
LOM:      0      0

That not a huge issue as I was expecting it especially when the disturber was back. Since the re-sync there is like 4 ES and virtually zero other errors. I'd love to know what DLM looks for to remove interleaving? or what impact FEC/LOS/LOF/LOM which are addtional for the INP FEC package have on DLM.

This same noise last night also smashed my neighbours ADSL2+ he brought this up with me this morning , re-syncing several times and running slow with alot of errors. I'm surprised more haven't noticed.

I know This is a rein issue, I'm not too fussed with it on my line, but it's highly intermittent and smashes all my neighbours on ADSL2 to poor dial up age internet.

I know ways to find REIN, but if I do i need a methodical way to find it, record it and present it to a BT engineer to prove it was there as it's soo intermittent, it probably won't be there when BT Engineers are here.
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