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Author Topic: microsoft to start bundling non security updates as one large rollup.  (Read 5444 times)


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This also applies to win 8.1, posting here as this section has more traffic.

Whilst this may make things easier, it essentially removes a degree of control over which updates to install, now instead of each update been offered individually, there is just one big update which has them all included (security updates still be individual).

The first thing that comes to my mind is the win10 GWX update, I assume this will be in the big update, so a end user can either install no non security updates or all of them, not just "some" of them.

It is unknown at the moment if individual updates can be uninstalled after installing the big cumulative update.

I cannot help think with the timing of this, this is to get the stubborn people who have not upgraded, and started to hide the win10 updates to force their hand a bit.

I do most of my updating via a 3rd party tool instead of windows update, hopefully individual hotfixes will sstill be packaged seperatly somewhere.
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MS are getting more and more devious & this would be par for the course.

Recently tried a Win 10 upgrade on very old Atom based box.
It has slightly improved but still too 'Chad Valley' in UI design and still spys on everything :(

Also see no evidence of the 'works better on older slower kit'.

I got better responsiveness on Win 7 and have lost the ability to change the fps to match refresh rate of dvd's and/or Blueray's.

I will no doubt have another dabble after the next big update etc. :)

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Most of their optional updates were not needed anyway


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Apparently on the latest update, clicking the X button in the top corner to dismiss the 'upgrade available' window now initiates the upgade process  :o


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Not on my box it wont ,all the telemetry has been removed from Win 7 as well, as for their updates fine i won't install them  don't really bother me