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SSE - 76MB fibre + line rental + calls = 21/month (less with cashback)

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SSE are offering the following for 21/month (

--- Quote ---FREE SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband with our Talk Anytime package
FREE unlimited fibre broadband for 18 months with our Talk Anytime package
Truly unlimited downloads stream and download as much as you like
Download speeds of up to 76 Mbps see 'Your broadband speed is' section for details
No connection charges
An easy to set-up wireless router with no delivery charge
Includes local and national calls at any time as well as calls to 20 international countries see Important Information for full package details

An 18-month subscription to our Internet Security Suite to help you stay safe online
Access to exclusive presale tickets for some of the UK's biggest entertainment and sport events with SSE Reward

Incl. VAT at 20%. 18   month contract (Talk), 18 month contract (Broadband)
5.00  call bundle, 25.00  broadband and 16.00  line rental per month. It's an 18-month fixed term contract for both the broadband and phone services. Paper bills will cost 1 per month extra. Some call features will also come at an additional cost please read Talk Contract 15: Products and prices from 17 September 2015.
--- End quote ---

You can also get about another 130 off via cashback sites like topcashback and quidco.

I'm waiting for customer reviews before deciding whether to give them consideration.

I am watching this thread in lieu of anything better

I am migrating to them next week ... I couldn't resist the price saving compared to what I am paying now, and must admit I am curious as to the service performance at that price point ... will let you know how it goes :)

I've recently signed up to SSE and have an activation date of 8th June. I'm moving from BT to SSE's Ultrafast package (21/month).

I've just set up a forum/website where I am going to post information that would be useful to others - such as speed test results, scans of any paperwork etc in the hope that we can set up a community of SSE Broadband users - as they don't have an official forum of their own.

The address is

I'm hoping this will be useful to allow fellow members to share speeds, any issues and we can help each other should any problems arise. If anyone has any suggestions or can help I would appreciate it. Collating information in one place I believe is key.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


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