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BT Infinity - offers for existing customers.

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I'm getting rather fed up with BT and their mid-contract price rises. It looks like Plusnet, Virgin Media and Sky do the same aswell. According to [link deleted] it's only TalkTalk and the Post Office that currently offer fixed price broadband for the duration of the contract. Not sure I want to switch to any of those!

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I guess you should know, with you being the associated with the above site. ::)

I wonder how many people get the 1 offer.

It seems a bit of a joke offer. They are just wanting people to commit to an 18 month contract, in my case.


--- Quote from: stevebrass on May 14, 2016, 03:18:03 PM ---Following the link above to My BT my offer is the same service for about 1 a month less but for 24 months.

If I log in to My BT via my normal route I am offered the same service for 6 a month more OR 76Mb service for a lot more a month.

Since I am 2 km from my cabinet I am lucky to get 17Mb.

Does not seem to be all that personalised!

Also as a BT customer for 40 years I am unhappy to see fairly recent joiners getting a better deal than me.

--- End quote ---

Nothing has changed. I am currently with BT on the Unlimited 2 package. It costs me 54.49 per month.

I spoke to the BT retentions department and mentioned i have been a BT customer since the dialup days.  All they could do was offer to sell me the 'SuperFibre' range off packages. Even when i mentioned new customers pay 30 less than i do.

BT 'SuperFibre' should be done for false advertising. I only have FTTC.

So i've moved to Plusnet for 24.99 + 4 landline call package.

Was the 54.94 including so-called line rental or was that an extra tax on top? Oh and was that an inc VAT figure?


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