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BT Infinity - offers for existing customers.

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@Chrys I have PPPoE and full MTU 1508. I don't follow your thinking, but then I am not you.  ;D  I would have thought pretty much all of your wish list items could be ticked. If you could try it you might become addicted to all the techies’ shiny bits.

@vic0239 Thanks, sales did eventually mention some such thing. But it is annoying that they have not catered for multi-line users with their new colon colon deals in the past and still do not advertise things properly for multifolks nor give out proper information. If you talk to some salespeople then you get the feeling that they don't even know or info is inconsistent and getting numbers that are both consistent / definite and non-scary is more than difficult. So I have played it safe and just decided to leave well alone.

They are charging me either £32 or £24 per additional line, depending on whether or not that includes BT ‘premium’ (well, I think £32 does include premium).

Haggled with BT, going to stay with them and will pay £15~ per month less than my current package whilst gaining a bit of mobile data and so on. Will be £5/month more than the current Plusnet offering but the PN price had no calling plan or BT Sport type junk that I'll occasionally use.

Due to the pending BT price rises, I've just also haggled with BT. Took a few phone calls over a period of days but managed to get £21.99/month for line rental  + Infinity 1 (but the lines have the free boost to up to 80MB they did last year) on two different lines.

Initially, they suggested paying the same as I was currently paying (i.e. no price rise), and then it went down to £23.99 but I held out for £21.99 by quoting the current TalkTalk 80MB offer of £20.84 (after cashback)


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