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BT Infinity - offers for existing customers.

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Existing BT Infinity customers (including those in minimum contracts) may want to have a look at to see what BT are offering you.

I joined BT last August paying 10/month for unlimited BT Infinity 1 and am offered various deals including:

1. BT Infinity 1 at 10/month for another 12 months (@55/10MB)
2. BT Infinity 2 for 17.50/month

These options mean you also avoid the BT broadband price rises due from the start of July and if on BT Infinity 1 getting 55/10 now rather than waiting for Bt to upgrade you later is the relevant BT FAQ.

Following the link above to My BT my offer is the same service for about 1 a month less but for 24 months.

If I log in to My BT via my normal route I am offered the same service for 6 a month more OR 76Mb service for a lot more a month.

Since I am 2 km from my cabinet I am lucky to get 17Mb.

Does not seem to be all that personalised!

Also as a BT customer for 40 years I am unhappy to see fairly recent joiners getting a better deal than me.

1 less than you currently pay?

I don't think that how long one has been a customer determines what kind of offer you get - more what package you already have from BT, how much you currently pay and whether you are in contract or not.

If they were intelligent, they would also use the maximum speed your line could support in their formula but I suspect they don't do this.

You could always try calling BT's customer options team on 0800 800 030 and see what deal they will offer you if you say you are thinking of leaving due to the price rises due in July though I know many don't like haggling over the phone hence one reason why the link I posted might be useful.

Sadly, I think all companies tend to reserve the very best deals including cashback and free equipment for new customers - partly to get market share/as a loss leader and partly as they hope you won't move afterwards.

Still its interesting to hear about what others are offered..

It's a good link to post.  Some people have had emails alerting them to the offers  - but not all.

Yes - I shall certainly haggle about the July price rises. Being now fully retired from work I have plenty of time and energy to point at BT's direction!

So just signed up and got 2.85 a month off my present deal. Had to sign for 24 months but come the next price rise I can haggle again.

Also did 12 month LSR at current price so got the normal 10% off and avoided the 1 increase.

Bit of an attempt to sell my BT TV, Sports and mobile sim but all amicable.

I could get cheaper by moving but it works okay so I'll leave that sleeping dog to lie.


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