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Author Topic: Internal wiring/VDSL  (Read 1525 times)


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Internal wiring/VDSL
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:50:12 AM »

Looks like internal wiring Does indeed affect VDSL quite noticeably, I moved mine from running on a 5M long RJ11 into the master socket onto an extension socket (After taking the BT filter off the master) and it went from 70M to 66M, part of that is probably terrible internal wiring and the other part of that is probably X-Talk from my other line.

But at least there isn't a cable running across the hallway to trip over now!

I do now seem to have a 15db SNR so maybe DLM will do something, also whoever wired the comms in this place needs their head examining, firstly they put the incoming in a utility cupboard with the fuseboard.etc but put no power socket in there.  They then also run additional CAT5's from the phone sockets to the TV distribution box, but leave it with hardly any cable coming out the wall to work with. (These are NOT for the phone extensions they were separate cables, not connected at either end)

We actually spent yesterday putting Cat5+Phone faceplates in (With the landords permission) and I've put a POE powered routerboard in there for now to do switching (Happened to have one laying about and they can be remotely powered + do switching)

Also the phone wiring seems to go from the master, to the living room behind the sofa then to the bedroom then back to the living room by the TV then to the 2nd bedroom, of course by the TV was where I needed to put the modem for power.etc so I'm not surprised it lost 6M it's bouncing around a load of extra cable to get there  ::)

I'm tempted to ask the landlord if he'd mind me getting a electrician to install a socket in the utility cupboard so I could actually plug the VDSL modems into the master sockets :lol:

I'm going to move/replace this RB soon but thats pretty much all I could do with it at the time  :D