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How to run Routerstats in Linux

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Routerstats is a very handy utility for continuous monitoring of the connection stats for certain ADSL routers. Full details and downloads are available here. Two versions are available, the full version (currently 2.8j) and a 'lite' version (currently 2.3). The full version has many more features and options; both work equally well in Linux.

These are Windows programs, so to run them in Linux you first have to install Wine if you haven't already done so. All the mainstream distros will have Wine in their software repositories, so use the distro's package manager to install it. After installing it, run the following command as an ordinary user:


This sets up a basic Wine configuration for this user and opens a configuration dialog. You can look at the various tabs and edit things if you wish (and know what you're doing), otherwise just click OK.

Now download the version of Routerstats which you want to use. The lite version offers two different types of download, but I suggest that you download the zipped version, which requires no actual installation. Create a directory called 'routerstats' in your home directory, and copy the downloaded file to it. Open a console, cd to the 'routerstats' directory, and type:

unzip *.zip

which will extract the files from the archive.

Now, while still in that directory, type

wine RouterStats.exe


wine RouterStatsLite.exe

depending on which version you have. Routerstats should run, and you can click the help button to get any instructions you need (or read it here if you have difficulty getting the help button to work.

Adding a menu entry

How you actually do this depends on which desktop system you are using. KDE provides its own menu editor, but for Gnome you have to obtain a third party utility called 'alacarte'. Whichever system you are using, the command to run Routerstats will be:

wine /home/username/routerstats/RouterStats.exe  [or RouterStatsLite.exe]

(replacing 'username' with the actual user login name). You should now be able to run Routerstats from the menu.

Hello Eric.
That looks very useful, good find. :)
 I will try it some time, but at the moment still got a few issues with my last install 'Wine' being one of them.

Thanks  Roseway, my neighbour is a "C" and other langs developer ++ and a linux guru so when he returns on Sunday will put it thro his looking glass. Will post any findings if necessary..

If he's a Linux guru he won't need these instructions. :)

To be fair to my neighbour (who isnt getting dial up quality service !!! ) when I gave him the loan of a 834G he said Ah routerstats is for microsoft and IE) but that was one hour! before he was packing the car with two young kids for a fourtnight easter holl.

So as I dont claim Linux in my qualities. I did some requesting in advance of his return so thanks from both of us in advance. We can have a bottle of Red and save some Brain cells on his return (maybe kill more with a second bottle toooo) as I guess that will be another happy chappie.
Hes 100 meters nearer our exchange with a 63db line atten and below thresh sync but in two hours with the 834Gv3 he had not dropped which he did up to 60 times a day with the BT supplied voyager (new beta firmware toooooo in advance of release)


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