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Author Topic: Statement  (Read 1836 times)


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« on: February 23, 2016, 12:07:29 AM »

It's become very clear over the past few months, tempers have flared over various topics.
Of late, there has been a lot of goading and personal remarks.   Normally this can be dissipated light heartedly, and we could all get back on track.

The original aim was that this forum should never be a 'I know better than you' and we don't talk down to each other.  I'm a big believer in that we should share knowledge, not fight as to who knows the most.   For many years this worked well and enabled us to have a fairly lax attitude to moderation,  but it has now escalated to the point whereby we need to enforce a heavier hand.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated from anyone regardless of which side of the fence they sit.
Nor will goading someone in a deliberate means to make them bite back.     Future policy will be to delete posts that get personal and we aren't going to spend hours in PMs justifying it.

To be perfectly frank I stopped posting myself a short while ago because I was tired of having to bite my tongue, or justify myself, or spend time moderating and explain why.  It got to the ludicrous situation where I was beginning to think I wasn't even allowed to say what I thought about anything to the point about a month or so ago when I was so sick of it I was tempted to just pull the plug.

However, that would be unfair, because I know that a lot of people do see this as a community and despite the spats most of us do get on most of the time ... and we are all here to share our interest in broadband and this forum is lucky that we have some very knowledgeable people willing to share what they know with us.

I'm not so naive as to think that disagreements wont break out from time to time, after all the world would be pretty boring if we all thought the same, but please try treat someone with respect even if they don't share your views.
You guys make these forums what they are and I thank all the regs for your contributions.
Please do not PM me with queries for broadband help as I may not be able to respond.
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