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Author Topic: Zyxel-SBG-3300-N000 on ebay potential bargain? Currently at 5 with 5h to go!  (Read 8330 times)


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I had recently been scouring the internet looking for a BCM based Zyxel router, I have now bought a VMG8324 so no longer need anything.

I was, however,  keeping an eye on this :

Its obviously used and not the latest model but from what I have read it is a fairly powerful small business class router with BCM chipset and a highly configurable (AKA complicated!) WebUI and some advanced features like load balancing etc.

Anyway, I am sure some of the uber geeks on here would know better than me whether it s a potential bargain and whether they want to snap it up, I won't be bidding so I thought I would share.



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Went for 24, sounds like a good deal!


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Only just seen this sorry  :-[

I lusted after an SBG3300 for quite a while but unfortunately it was outside my budget.   
As you say its a business grade router and high performance.   A few people on here report good things about it.
If I'd seen this post earlier I may well have been tempted.   Someone got a bargain.
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