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Author Topic: Toshiba Vs Mac Vs PC Vs P/EDA  (Read 2351 times)


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Toshiba Vs Mac Vs PC Vs P/EDA
« on: March 21, 2008, 12:03:58 AM »

Does anyone know which is better out of those four as i'm thinking of getting a new piece of technology as i seem to have a lot of spare cash behind the Sofa. *Thought* I really need to get a sofa as well *Thought*

PS. I am writing on my neigbours PC as my laptop seemed to catch fire all i can say is Never leave children in a room with a lighter and deoderant. And before you call 0800 111 1111 (Childline) No the kids weren't mine. And before any ideas pop up im not married and my wife doesn't cheat on me or she Will be Dealt with  :shoot: :whip:  :D

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Re: Toshiba Vs Mac Vs PC Vs P/EDA
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2008, 05:03:08 PM »

1. Toshiba - know very little about these. If you are thinking of getting a laptop, I wouldn't know what to recommend in particular but would just say that mid range laptops seem to offer the best trade off on computing/battery performance. I personally like amble performing, quiet machines with a good thermal design.

The gaming laptops obviously have the power to play games like on a PC but are a joke for trying to perform every day tasks on battery power unless the power management is good. As a review in PCW magazine said, most of them the batteries are only good for disconnecting the mains so to relocate the laptop. And why buy a gaming laptop I dont know, a very expensive substitute for a LAN party PC I guess.

2. Mac - I doubt these would be your cup of tea. They look nice but are very expensive and I hardly use the one I bought. Thats more becuase I am not very familiar with it and I am stuck in my ways with XP. Obviously they are useless for 3D games - firstly because of the availability of games and secondly the Intel integrated graphics.

3. PC - If you have the money to spend on technology, I would build my own PC. I have always been happier with the end result, even if it does cost a bit more money than buying one off the shelf. All except one of our PCs here were built by me and they have proven very reliable and dependable.
The great thing with self build is that you get to choose everything down to the last component and I enjoy putting them together. The downside is often knowing what to buy, CPU/mobo/RAM bundles are good as compatibility is certain. The most difficult thing to buy without seeing it for real is the case for sure.

4.PDA/EDA - I have a Windows based PDA with GPS receiver. It was sold to me as a Navman sat nav and that is all I use it for. I have no interest in these devices whatsoever. If I wanted e-mail/calender/web etc on the move I would buy a laptop and 3G adaptor or use WiFi.


My "thoughts" would be either a mid range laptop for hanging around the house/garden or taking to friends and so on would be a possibility or otherwise definitely building another carefully crafted, preferably quiet PC suitable for mid range gaming/music etc.

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