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Author Topic: Interview – Sky’s Position on Separating BT from its UK Telecoms Network  (Read 5287 times)


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WWombat's economic points make a lot of sense to me.

How's that for sitting on the fence?

Black Sheep

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I agree, I love W3 as much as B*Cat ....... they're only their opinions, but very rarely are they wrong when the full scenario plays out.  :)


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A perennial fence-sitter, me.

I have a lot of time and energy invested in understanding comms protocols - so I find all the stuff behind VDSL2, vectoring and fascinating. But sometimes that fascination makes it look like I'm massively "pro" for the rollout of these. I'm not really - full fibre would indeed be much better - so it pays to understand the economics. I don't think enough pay attention to the economics.

However, I only have a "reasonable" understanding of the economics driving all this - just enough to be dangerous?

Where my understanding is lacking is in the quasi-artificial impacts of regulation, and the strange impacts there.


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Interview – Sky’s Position on Separating BT from its UK Telecoms Network
« Reply #18 on: December 17, 2015, 12:49:18 AM »

I have had BT TV since the first iteration. I've seen a great deal of progression in this area to date. The content I can get on BT is far cheaper than if I tried to get a Sky equivalent.

The Youview box is really user friendly and has slick menus and powerful search features (which  most overlook) My gripe with BT's iptv are as follows. BT stream live HD iptv @ 8mbps instead of full HD 10mbps. The on demand players for extra channels only stream HD @ 4mbps. Why is this important?
Live HD TV content is full HD and it shows on my 4K tv when up scaled . I have the full £15 per month UHD package. Logic would be to have full HD iptv content when they stream ultra HD (which is great).

Other positives include the new BT TV app which now includes your on demand paid content. This was just added. Having all the live channels would be great but a good start.
Free BT sport
Free AMC
Loads of quality content for just £15 and a 1TB Youview player.

BT are definitely competing on content, you can't get sky's standard package for that price.

If content was as open to all providers we could have better service delivery and products. Licensing for content is so convoluted and puts the UK behind on release dates etc etc. People are willing to pay but for a fair price.
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