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Author Topic: SNR adjustment with Broadcom DSL Diagnostics App  (Read 2035 times)


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SNR adjustment with Broadcom DSL Diagnostics App
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:26:02 PM »

Hi, I have TP-LINK W8970 v3 and it turned out that telnet command for SNR adjustment doesn't work for this router. 

But, I have found that SNR can be adjusted via Broadcom DSL Diagnostics App - see the link from italian site:

Translated from Italian:
SNR modification program with Broadcom

by mik77

Download the program BcmDSLDiag.

Broadcom BcmDslDiags 1:42
Broadcom BcmDslDiags 1:43 (only executable)

Unzip the downloaded archive into a folder.
Open the MS-DOS prompt in that folder.
To access the router telnet and type the command

dsldiagd start

Launch the program from the MS-DOS prompt with these BcmDslDiagsL.exe paramteri


Once you launched the program must go BcmDslDiagsL.exe nell'interfaccai web Modem menu

Tests> xDSL PHY Configuration

Training in the field Margin (Q4 in dB) is set to hexadecimal value you want to set (help with a converter)
Ex. 100 made your default margin for example if you want to increase it by 50% must enter 0x96 (150 in hex is 96)
If you want to get off, say 80%, you have to put 0x50 (80 in hex is 50)

I have tried ajusting the SNR values with hexadecimal values, only just managed to remove a few db but not by 9 db or so.  I'm not sure if it needs to have specific values (for hexadecimal) to be entered?