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Author Topic: Electricity and  (Read 5815 times)


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Re: Electricity and
« Reply #30 on: October 26, 2015, 05:01:20 PM »

Don't forget that a lot of Cornwall got done early in the process, a lot of other areas were supposed to fttp but BT found it too slow and problematic to install, and thus more costly so switched a lot of fttp areas to fttc.

I don't have concrete evidence but I noticed the FTTC went in long before the FTTP. My cabinet was first in the village to get any sort of work done to it (FTTC), then well over a year later they came back and did more cabinets + FTTP for the chosen few, then a long time after that (this year) they came back and did a bit more, including doing FTTP to a single pole.

The neighbouring exchange area was one of the first in the county to get anything, and is practically all FTTC - including on the EO lines for customers next door to the exchange, as it was the trial exchange for un-EOing lines for FTTC. Some of the very rural areas on the exchange (that are also EO lines) haven't had any form of upgrade yet, just ADSL2+

If anything it seems like the opposite, the later stuff is more likely to be FTTP
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