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Author Topic: It's official: Safe harbour is safe no more ! (As we all really knew!) [Ex SANS]  (Read 1147 times)


  • Kitizen
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--European Court of Justice rules US Safe Harbor invalid
(October 6, 2015)
In a decision with widespread implications for the international
transfer and processing of data - and the companies that provide these
services - the European Court of Justice has ruled the EU-US Safe
Harbour pact invalid. Experts are warning of massive disruption to
international business.
[Editor's Note (Honan): This ruling means companies in the EU are in
violation of EU Data Protection laws when transferring personal data to
US companies, even if those companies are part of the US Safe Harbor
program. It also means, should Microsoft lose their appeal regarding US
law enforcement accessing a mailbox on one of their servers in Dublin,
then US tech companies will have severe challenges in doing business in
the EU.]

This is going to get very interesting ....... you will need lots of popcorn for this one.  ;D :D
I do generally think, I would like 'my data' hoovered up by my Government and not the US. ;)
My Government has some responsibility to it's citizens, whereas the US of A does not care and seems to consider all foreign nationals fair game.
(This, of course, ignores the close connection between GCHQ and the NSA, but I am allowed a small amount of delusion for sanity's sake.  ;D :D )

Interesting that Snowden has chipped in to congratulate the Austrian Law Student who instigated the case in the EUCJ.