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Author Topic: Re: G.INP - Split to discuss Crosstalk.  (Read 6782 times)


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Re: G.INP - Split to discuss Crosstalk.
« Reply #30 on: August 25, 2015, 12:50:22 PM »

Thank you for the graph.   Its quite scary just how badly crosstalk can affect a line by up to 2/3rds.
I think I made a post just the other day saying that from stats Ive seen on here over time most have lost 1/3rd.     

I'll go with your 350m example.  Im on what Im reliably informed is 385m of .5mm copper.
I wasnt first on the cab (port 25) as for various reasons I delayed a few weeks. At first my max attainable was 108 Mbps, but it soon dropped to the 90's.   Now there's only 2 modems which allow me the full 80Mbps. 
I have lost circa a third of headline so gawd knows how much it could have been if I'd gotten vdsl earlier. iirc initial prediction was "up to 62Mbps" but that was before they started doing the clean/impacted.
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