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Author Topic: Reclaiming my hardware w/Linux - lost sound & don't know why...  (Read 6975 times)


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Re: Reclaiming my hardware w/Linux - lost sound & don't know why...
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2008, 02:16:49 PM »

heh - love your new signature mike.

A true convert eh? :linux:

Hi, Hope you are well.
Yes thanks to Eric I have been converted (And it did not hurt at all  ;)).
I have been trying Linux distro's on and off for some time, but now it's GUI based I find it easy to go over .
I have made all my family machines 'dual boot' xp & pclos2007 (I have hardly booted into xp  :D).
I do keep having issues but they are mainly my own making, resisting the urge to reinstall and learning how to repair.
My daughter likes it and wants a laptop when she goes to uni in the near future with pclos on it.( I feel more expense in a few years because the only laptop I have was given to me and it's got Win 3.1 on it  ;D)
I have a set of 6 fixed IP's From my Eclipse isp.
BT ADSL2 (G992.3) line>HG612 set as a Modem, Bridge, WAN not Bound to LAN1 or 2 >Smoothwall (Hardware Firewall and routing) > Ethernet LAN, DMZ,WiFI LAN and Spare LAN .
DSLstats LAN2  linked Ethernet
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