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Yesterday I had cause to call the VM helpline, fortunately on the second occasion I got through to the Scottish help-desk.
(The first so-called helpline operative in India eventually simply sent me a link to a web page for help in blocking unwanted calls, 99% of which I had already told him that I was already doing, needless to say, VM India sucked again) why do they bother with those people.

But back to the point, I tried again and fortunately got the Scottish call centre and within 2 minutes answered the quest which is they can't block individual numbers (PPI Caller from Manchester, 20+ calls on Monday alone)

But the good news (long story short) VM have now made 'Caller ID' FREE OF CHARGE, so no more 2+ per month fee.
I didn't ask what happens to anyone who already subscribes, but if you are one of those or want caller ID then you just need to ask.

Better still was even though the very nice Scottish lady said it could be 'up-to' 24 hours before it's set up, it was actually set-up within about 15 minutes, I know because I then received another call from Manchester.

So that was that.
But just to follow the story on a little, I decided to phone the Manchester number (0165 6253130), thankfully probably the best thing I did instead of continuously ignoring them.

However it seems they are getting around the 'Telephone Preference Service' regulations in my mind with using a fictitious name of someone who supposedly initiated the enquiry using in this case my number which then gives them the right to continue to call back the caller to continue with their request, 'YES' what a load of tripe.

But at least once the Manchester person believed that although my name was not 'Sharon' and no one of that name lives here and I have had the same number for the last 15 years she agreed to remove my number from the enquiry list, obviously only time will tell, but as said earlier, maybe I should have tried talking to them earlier instead of pulling out my last remaining strand of hair.
(Obviously my Avatar is the real me) just that it was taken 66 years ago.

Thanks for letting us know.

Its interesting that Virgin have just made this service free, when BT last year announced that they are now to start charging for it. :D

btw thats not a Manchester (0161) number.   01656 is Bridgend and belongs to Action Direct who telemarket PPI.

If you search around the net in many places they have been marked as Aggressive Advertisers. - eg :(

I hope you got it sorted and they dont bother you anymore. :)

Thanks for the correction, they are appreciated.

As for me saying VM have just introduced the Caller ID as being free, I think the help-line did actually say it had been introduced a couple of months ago, so again maybe as you said to coincide with BT starting to charge (although I always 'thought' everyone charged) but it's another good step in the right direction of helping customers with the little things in life.

Although I did make the comment 'in a friendly way' that VM don't actually do themselves any favours by not going out of their way to mass publicise things and just expect people to pick-up these goodies by scanning their web-site.

But yes, early days yet, so will have to wait and see what happens.

Action Direct are not far from me and quite a big employer in Bridgend. Short contracts and rubbish pay was what I heard last.

Good luck with them Of, seems you may have solved the nuisance calling for now :)

I thought Caller ID was free as it helps with unwanted or nuisance calls. TT dont charge.



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