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Author Topic: Help I need a copy of a working config file for a hg612 connected to plusnet  (Read 1499 times)


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I cannot connect to plusnet using my zyxel.
I want to try the hg612 I have but have reset the config and lost the right settings.
I need to see what I have set wrong.
I am posting this via my phone so navigating kitz is slow and error prone with crappy internet access.
Anyone who can post a working config file set up for plusnet fibre would be a life saver.
At the moment plusnet are having access problems so I need to see if the problem is the zyxel or plusnet.



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It will depend upon whether you intend to use the HG612 as a pure bridge modem or as a modem/router.

For the former, the default configuration is correct. (A long 20 - 30 seconds push and hold of the reset button will do the deed.)  :)

I do not know of the required configuration for the latter.  :(
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Thanks, it was the long reset I did which is the wrong default setup. I will check the modem only setup on kitz and see what I have to change. (Now for some interneting on a phone with a crap mobile signal .........) 😫😫

Sorted, I found the backup config file I saved and restored the file.
All working.
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