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Black Sheep:
From our 'Loop' comms.

In the spirit of openness, we’ve added another new feature to the Expect Openreach site – a local network status checker. This is where end customers can go to find out if there are major service-affecting issues in their postcode area. It’s very simple to use – just tap in a postcode and you’ll see whether there are any incidents such as cable breaks or problems with NGA. It will also include serious weather-related information, such as flooding or heavy snow and can also be used in the case of incidents which might have an impact on our ability to reach certain areas; for instance pandemics or civil disturbance. It won’t show small faults and doesn’t replace the fault checker used by communications providers, but will help to reassure their customers that if there is a major incident, Openreach is on the case.

You can check it out for yourself at

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Thank you for mentioning the link. I now have it bookmarked appropriately.  :)

Me too :)

Thank you :)

Do you have to be an open reach member to view?
All I am getting is an error page.


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