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Author Topic: Windows update to fix security problem in Internet Explorer - Includes XP!  (Read 3778 times)


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Today Microsoft have released an update that fixes a security problem in Internet Explrorer that's already being exploited.

Despite their previous announcements regarding cessation of support, this update also applies to Windows XP!  :-X

If you run Windows Update, you'll find an urgent update waiting for you. It applies to all current versions of Windows.



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I saw that the other day...  although one thing occurred to me...  the security flaw was in IE so could that not have been fixed by an IE update...  or is IE too integrated into Windows & WindowsUpdate.   I meant to do some further research but never got around to it.
Surely there must be some other way, there must be users using other platforms besides windows that have IE installed that will also need updating. 
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Thanks Shed

I to have old XP in the house using IE8, will check for this update have already got the update for IE9 on Vista and IE11 on windows 8.1