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Author Topic: Migrated to Sky from O2; upnp not working on 585v7  (Read 1710 times)


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Migrated to Sky from O2; upnp not working on 585v7
« on: April 23, 2014, 09:56:51 AM »

I was migrated from O2 to Sky yesterday and noticed that my utorrent was saying 'Not connectable'. After a little messing around I found out that upnp wasn't working properly on the router. The router logs show -

Apr 23 09:43:09   UPnP action 'AddPortMapping' from ip= (Success)

but the ports do not appear to be open. Using the bethere firmware on the 585v7 gives the same results, but upnp works fine when I plug in my old Speedtouch 546. Is this an issue with the router still forwarding the ports for use on O2/Be ETHoA connection rather than Sky's PPPoA?

update: putting the 546 user.ini on the 585v7 enables upnp to work, but with other issues. Is there something that can be done with the default 585v7 user.ini or in cli to enable upnp to work on PPPoA as well as (or instead of) ETHoA?
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