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Author Topic: Energy reductions  (Read 4456 times)


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Re: Energy reductions
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2014, 11:25:06 AM »

Going back in history even further I was one of the trialists for BBC multi-cast.  I cant recall the exact year but possibly 2006, and the equivalent of HD (ie sporting events) worked perfectly well back then on a 2Mb account.

That sounds like fun.  :)

My own 'video streaming'  requirements though are chiefly for broadcast and recorded TV (Freeview) etc.  And even Freeview regularly gets up to 10Mbps or so on the HD channels.  One day I'll get around to testing it over WiFi in different rooms to see if it reliably keeps up, but I don't currently have a convenient portable device, capable of being a Myth front end, that I can use for that testing.
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