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Author Topic: Politics and purpose of deception ????  (Read 1464 times)


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Politics and purpose of deception ????
« on: February 13, 2014, 05:45:15 PM »


Those who are long-term visitors to the fantastic kitz web site will not (yet I hope) have forgotten the quite disgraceful methods employed by BT to destroy our SEEDA Grant-approved Ewhurst project.
Those in Ewhurst are vary sadly still living with the disastrous consequences. When BT stated that they were to provide FTTC services throughout the THCN Cranleigh exchange area, they failed to inform the public servants involved that their solution in Ewhurst village was to be the absolute minimum. I.e a total of 3 ECI 128 cabinets only fitted with a single 64 channel line card and connected with only a single set of 100 pr tie cables. This has resulted in multiple delays but now all the cabinets have or are in the installation process of increasing the tie cable sets.

The next paragraph is my deduction as I have not actually seen inside the FTTCs since the installation time, but we regularly see inside the PCPs.

The largest PCP has not had any spare VDSL capacity since last July but BT attempt to deceive us as the wholesale estimator clearly states VDSL services are still available from PCP 20.

If you'd like the background it is recorded here:-

Despite the fact that we have raised an almighty stink in our local newspaper, the Surrey Advertiser, one determined but exasperated resident has been attempting to obtain a VDSL service since last August. Last week he had yet another phone call from BT YET AGAIN claiming that his line distance is too long, despite our explanation of the actual facts. I have today taken this photograph illustrating the two halves of the semidetached property. I hope you can see they are both fed from the same 4pr drop wire into the BT 66 box. The right hand property has a poor but reliable VDSL speed of over 10 Mbps download. Our exasperated one lives in the left hand half of the property. (My next mission will be to record speed test screen shots of the right hand resident's VDSL service and that of another close-by who achieves over 15 Mbps sync speed.)

In the mean time I am curious to know if anybody can offer any explanation or reason for the obvious (to us at least) deception that BT have been unable to partially dismantle the ECI 128 to convert it to an ECI 256.

Kind regards,