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Author Topic: Android phones - anybody a fan?  (Read 9774 times)


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Re: Android phones - anybody a fan?
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2014, 12:25:07 PM »

Re mail clients…

Try Aquamail, that only downloads a small part of the message, not sure how it will cope with your connection though.

I use K-9 Mail again dont know how well it will cope with a 2g connection.

Aquamail doesn't look as if its right for me as the free version seems to be limited to just 2 accounts (I have 3 or 4 that I want to enable), and you seem to have to upgrade to 'pro' to get rid of the default signature.

k9 Mail looks good, I really like the feel of it, and it overcomes both of above.  It doesn't seem to have a  'headers only' option, but can be limited to download just 1Kb, which is good enough.  Unfortunately, like so many other Apps, it seems to really struggle with my 2G connection.  From initial testing it seems that it only works once in a blue moon.  Most times, despite having a GPRS connection (albeit a crap one) it gives up before succeeding in sending/receiving anything.

The Samsung Mail App that came with my phone also seems to work very well indeed.  It has the 'headers only option' that I wanted and, so far, has managed to cope with the 2G data.   It's early days, but first impressions are that it seems to work as long as there's a connection, even if the connection is crap.

So I'm torn between k9 and Samsung Mail.  I'll leave both in use for a while and see what looks best once the dust has settled, and whether one really is better than the other at coping with GPRS/Edge.

Thanks again for the suggestions  :)
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