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Author Topic: Dlang foundation - no foreign donations  (Read 4377 times)


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Dlang foundation - no foreign donations
« on: August 04, 2019, 09:36:05 AM »

I tried to give a donation of a fiver. They are developing and promoting the D programming language. The ‘flipcause’ website is some kind of tool that takes donations or in my case prevents you from making them. Dlang unfortunately uses this flipcause web server thing to handle the web-based entry of users’ info (why? So they can spam you. Grr )

It moaned about my foreignness because I dared to enter a hyphen as part of my postal address. I didn’t even want to give them my postal address, not happy at all about that. The little pop up input validation thingy moaned and said alphanumeric ascii and spaces only. So what about other punctuation in English placenames or personal names? God forbid I might have entered an accented vowel. French, German, Welsh-speaking potential donors? (Welsh isn’t even iso 8859-1 because of ŵ, is that correct?)

Their hacky third rate devs are frightened about Little Bobby Tables, perhaps?

The devs need to be mindful that in Scottish Gaelic accented vowels are ultra critical ("Bòd” vs “bod”) or disaster can result. I personally dropped an accent, poor learner that I am, when speaking to a female native speaker at a posh function in London. I said “sine” (with short vowel) instead of “Sìne” a personal name (with long vowel), thus calling a woman ‘a nipple’  :-[ among various other possibilities. Anyway, my conversation partner was utterly bewildered, and had no clue what I might have been trying to say.
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