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Author Topic: Internet Radio sometimes fails to connect and other sort of related questions  (Read 2079 times)


  • Kitizen
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I recently bought a small Pure internet radio for our bedroom as FM reception is bad here. The router is in the adjoining room, and router radio connection is wireless. On one or two occasions on first turn-on it only gets to "connecting" then hangs. The only cure is to disconnect power then reconnect it. Can someone suggest what the cause of the intermittent gremlin may be? Please!

The other hardware connected wirelessly is SWMBO's IPod, and I have been trying to relate its and the radio to the MAC addresses shown in the router. I managed to decode the addresses and find they are for
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Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd
, but despite more searches cannot track that info to the actual hardware. Any ideas, friends?

Lastly is it possible to substitute user friendly names for the MAc addresses?