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Author Topic: Automatic Task Scheduler's Times  (Read 7823 times)


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Automatic Task Scheduler's Times
« on: March 28, 2008, 06:40:02 PM »

Just as a matter of interest to anyone who does not seem to have many automatic "System Restore Points" automatically generated.

Then you may want to take a look in the Task Scheduler folder.
Accessed from:
Control Panel > Administrative Tools........ then look for System Restore

My default setting was 01:00, of which some/most peoples PC would probably be turned off so not able to generate the System Restore point on time.
Personally I would rather have too many points than none at all, (restore re-set at 10% of HDD in the registry)
Because sometimes I forget to manually create one before installing a new program.

To change the setting (as with any of the other task settings) select the item then select "Properties" on the right of the screen.

Out of several items I checked, they were all set at the early hours of the morning which is probably of no use to most/some people if we want to use that facility.

Auto De-frag is another you may want to look at 03:00, set at once a week and also active.
You as a User may of disabled it. BUT the SYSTEM account has it enabled. :lol:
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