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Author Topic: Mulberry bushes - yet again  (Read 1447 times)


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Mulberry bushes - yet again
« on: August 19, 2013, 11:46:09 PM »


Here we go round .....  yet again !
Some of you may remember on 28 April 2011 :--

I thought you might like to hear this somewhat better tale as it could be a tip for use elsewhere.
As usual it started with yet another terrible line suddenly disappearing, just as the poor fellow was filling in his umpteenth job application.
I had a panic call from him at 18:30 and hurtled over with a spare 2700HGV - he was using a Thompson 585 V7 but it had lost sync.
After 20 mins we managed to sync with the 2700, so off went his latest CV.
The first BT O engineer replaced the entire external cable with drop wire 10 (thicker conductor) and a new SSFP.
His JDSU instrument wouldn't sync even after all his work but thankfully our 2700 still did.
Our favourite BT O engineer arrived a few days later and had the brilliant idea of putting RF3 filters on the two lines ex the same DP, running into the adjacent Thames Water pumping station that seemed rather noisy.
Result an immediate increase of sync from 288 to 704 Kbps. The throughput isn't fantastic but at least the fellow stands a chance of getting a job.

You've probably guessed that the Thames Water Kiosk had a line fault itself and we have now discovered that the "repair" included removing our lifeline - the RF3 filter.

After yet another pantomime taking weeks we've now had the RF3 replaced and all is (nearly) sweetness and light again - except the "Up to 80 Mbps" VDSL service screams along at around 7 Mbps on a good day.
Knowing that Murphy will strike again and "because that engineer had no business to be interfering with a different line" we'd like to get the actual cause eliminated.
Of course that can only be tackled as a REIN job by specialists if it can be proven to be an issue.
So Eagles & Cats have been chatting. We'd like to invoke a regulation that Openreach have the authority to remove a circuit if it is injecting unwanted signals into the PSTN, assuming that such a regulation exists.
Do we have any cognoscenti with such a profound knowledge of GPO history that could point me in the right direction ?

Kind regards,

(PS sorry for the length but some of you know I do like to write an interesting story !  )