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Author Topic: Openreach GEA-FTTP 220/20M Launch and Portfolio Rationalisation  (Read 1422 times)


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30/05/2013      For Information
This briefing on [GEA-FTTP] is for [all] Communications Providers.
The purpose of this briefing is to provide information on the GEA-FTTP product portfolio
Openreach is now approaching the end of the pilot phase for the GEA-FTTP 220/20M product and will launch the product with effect from 1st June 2013, for more details on the launch price notification please refer to the briefing NGA008/13.The 220/20M GEA-FTTP product will be available using standard processes to provide GEA-FTTP service across GEA-FTTP enabled areas in the UK. Pricing details are published here: Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Pricing
Furthermore, in accordance with the briefing NGA029/12, Openreach confirms that the following GEA-FTTP product variants will be withdrawn for new supply on 1st September 2013: 40/15Mb, 100/15Mb, 110/15Mb, 100/30Mb and 330/20Mb. From this date, any existing product installations using these bandwidth combinations will continue to be fully supported by Openreach, but no further connections of these types will be made.
The above product variants will be removed from the product portfolio completely in March 2014, following a period of CP-managed customer migration.
How the rationalised GEA-FTTP portfolio will look
Following the changes above, the portfolio will comprise:
40/2 Mb
40/10 Mb
80/20 Mb
220/20 Mb
330/30 Mb
Why we are rationalising the GEA-FTTP portfolio
Openreach has consulted with the NGA Working Group (NWG) currently consuming GEA-FTTP products, taking into account current and future plans. This has directly informed our approach here. The revised portfolio provides our customers with a much simpler and more defined group of products from which to choose, allowing them to match the right GEA-FTTP product to their needs more easily.
This notification provides 3 months' notice of the withdrawal of the GEA-FTTP profiles mentioned above from new supply, and 10 months' notice of the full withdrawal of the legacy products. Openreach Customer Engagement Managers will provide Industry with progress reports on their legacy products and work with them in order to complete the migration before March 2014.
Our Customer News Centre is now available at which will provide you with a central point to check out the latest news and briefings information from Openreach.
Issued by SW
The contents of this briefing are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.
Please discuss any queries or issues in relation to this briefing with your Sales & Relationship Manager or Service contact, who will be pleased to assist.
Our Customer Information Zone is now available at which will provide you with a central point to check out the latest news and briefings information from Openreach.
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