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Author Topic: Which CPU is this? What CPU can my motherboard take? 2 useful sites  (Read 3378 times)


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I mentioned one of these sites in another posting, thought I'd put them here in case they were of use to others.  These two sites are my 1st call when I want to know about processors and motherboard compatibility.

If you've got a motherboard and want to find what processor upgrade is supported by it, this site has many popular (and older) motherboards, and a list of supported CPUs for that board.  For older boards, I use it to see what the fastest CPU a board will support, then locate one on ebay, often for just a few pounds.  Easy, cheap upgrade!

This other site allows you to find out exact details about many different processors, AMD and Intel.  It's particularly useful because you may well find, for example, that a motherboard will support an AMD Athlon 2000+ with a Thoroughbred core but not an AMD Athlon 2000+ with a Barton core.  Clearly, then, just buying an "AMD Athlon XP 2000+" will be a gamble.  This site will help you find the exact part number, which you can then locate in your box of bits or on ebay.  Just type the details you know into the "find part" search box and follow the links for more information than you could ever possibly want!

Hope this is useful



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Re: Which CPU is this? What CPU can my motherboard take? 2 useful sites
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2013, 06:32:50 PM »

Thanks for those links. I've encountered this problem before, so those links will help me make sure I don't encounter it again.