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Author Topic: MSO - Preston Exchange - IMT6361/13  (Read 2351 times)


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MSO - Preston Exchange - IMT6361/13
« on: January 25, 2013, 02:21:18 PM »

BT Wholesale - 21CN Incident Report
Please read the following incident report as it could have an impact on some of your end users and/or services
BT Incident Reference:   6361       Issue :   1
Detected DATE:   25/01/2013       Detected TIME:   13:38
START DATE:   25/01/2013       START TIME:   13:38
Anticipated CLEAR DATE:   25/01/2013       Anticipated CLEAR TIME:   15:38
Next Update Date:   25/01/2013       Next Update Time:   15:15
Incident Headline:    21CN WBC : PRESTON : LOSS OF SERVICE
Incident Details:    Some of your 21CN services may have been affected.
Progress Details:    Initial diagnostics taking place
Services Type & Count:    EUAC 16
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