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Author Topic: Shielded RJ-11 line cable - signal improvement?  (Read 20114 times)


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Re: Shielded RJ-11 line cable - signal improvement?
« Reply #15 on: September 02, 2006, 08:48:48 AM »

good summary there soms, thanks for posting the info and sharing :)

Not a problem ;) Whilst that was mostly for our benefit,  if any visitors came looking for info on your forum it would be something else we would "know about".

So I now have the ridiculous situation of 2 cables running from the puter desk to the phone point.. a telephone extension cable and my broadband cable. And I get better signal that way. Go figure?

This is where you could install a proper fixed extension socket for both DSL/phone, but like me you probably can't be bothered with all the mess and fuss of running cables in walls/floors when instead you can just have trailing wires instead.

You couldnt help yourself and leave well alone could you eh?
Womans logic = If its working then dont try to fix it.

Perhaps you should have tried it out on an extension after the profiling period, or if womens logic is to be believed, not at all.  Ah well 6meg is still better than 256k or whatever BRAS can set you down too. I can imagine that if we go max it might be hit and miss with what we get.


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Re: Shielded RJ-11 line cable - signal improvement?
« Reply #16 on: September 02, 2006, 02:07:46 PM »

>> This is where you could install a proper fixed extension socket for both DSL/phone

Ironically his desk is probably only 6 foot away from the master socket and in the same room, but it has to go past an entrance arch to the kitchen, so cable at most would possible 12ft?
I was taking the pee outa chris because he had to have a move around of furniture to fit all his stuff in.

Luckily hes out of his profiling period as hes been maxed since end of April and even though his SNR Margin on occasion has dropped to <0, his router has just about managed to hang on in there.
But hes gonna be stuck with a silly 6Mb bRAS profile for about 4 days until it re-adjusts. :/
tbh though I doubt if it will make that much difference because most BT VPs arent able to give you more than 6Mb speeds because of contention anyhow.

The 2 cable thing does seem silly and doesnt make sense, because non filtered traffic is able to flow down the *broadband* cable anyhow.

We both knew that he was extremely lucky to be able to get the full 8Mb, hes talked about trying different routers, and he messed with the bell wire stuff before he got max to try and get his SNR up as high as possible.
iirc we expected him to get 5.5 - 6Mb at most anyhow and tbh I think the only reason he has got the full 8Mb is cause the Netgear hangs on in there when most other routers would have dropped the connection.

A couple of weeks ago he was talking about trying another router to see what stats he got, and I was saying noooooo leave well alone.
Hence me taking the pee outa him now. ;)
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