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Author Topic: Two AP's, same SSID, LAN access problems on one.  (Read 1717 times)


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Two AP's, same SSID, LAN access problems on one.
« on: November 02, 2012, 04:21:56 PM »

First post here, hoping for some help (hope it's in the right forum) :)

Basically, we have two 'n' Access Points in the house, one on each floor (upstairs and downstairs).  They are on different channels, use the same SSID and WPA2 password.
Note: The downstairs 'n' AP also does the PPPOE authentication for the internet.

We also have a separate 'g' access point for the older kit we still have, which uses a different SSID and a different password.

We also have a server and wireless printer to which we need to be able to print from an iPad on the wifi. To achieve the 'print server', I've installed the print drivers on the server, shared the printer for windows clients and installed an application called 'FingerPrint' to enable iOS devices to see the printer.

The printer is connected to the 'g' AP with a static IP of
The server is on the LAN at
The iPad is on whichever 'n' AP is strongest, and gets an IP from DHCP ( -

This all seems well and good in theory, but when you want to print something...

If you are connected to the 'g' AP, for example my iPhone 3GS, you can see and use the printer no problem.
If you are connected to the upstairs 'n' AP, you can see and use the printer no problem.

However, if you are connected to the downstairs 'n' AP, you cannot see the printer at all.

Troubleshooting done so far:
1. Reset everything to default config, didn't work.
2. Swap the two AP's. This didn't fix the issue but the problem 'swapped' from one AP to the other: ie: the one that was upstairs and working properly now cannot see the printer downstairs. This leads me to believe that it is something to do with the fact that the downstairs one does the PPPOE auth and routing.


1. DHCP, local DNS cache are done on the server.
2. Ports forwarded from router to server: 20,21,47,80,443,1723
3. UPNP turned on.

Don't think I've missed anything, but I've attached a network diagram if what I've written isn't clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a rather annoying one this is :(