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Author Topic: Flashing a Huawei HG521  (Read 3330 times)


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Flashing a Huawei HG521
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:48:12 PM »

Does anyone know if its possible to flash a Talk Talk branded Huawei HG521 to standard FW..?

I obtained one from a neighbour who keeps getting routers sent from Talk Talk even though they dont have a broadband connection (or a computer for that matter) - as far as Im aware its a TREND chipset and has only B/G wifi advertised on the back... I was shocked to see it give a really good connection speed (better than my Netgears and Sky Router 2504N - on par with the Sky-Hub SR101) and the Wi-Fi is 130/270Mbps Wireless-N..signal was good too! - this device is very small, about the size of two 10 packs of ciggys side-by-side (3x3x1")

...anyway, Talk Talk have limited the MTU setting to a max of 1492 and sky use 1500, because of this the actual throughput was reduced to 11Mbps - I tried setting windows and network adapters to 1492 too using TCP Optimizer and manually doing it in registry , but no luck , same result.

I did successfully marry the HG521 to the SR101 as a test to see if I could use the HG521's Wi-Fi in conjunction with another router as the modem, I set the HG521 LAN IP as and turned off DHCP, hooked it too the SR101 via a LAN cable and that was that, worked a charm! turned off Wi-Fi in the SR101 and enabled Wi-FI in the HG521, basically I plan to buy a HG612 from ebay at some point and will probably use this HG521 with it for the wi-fi component, I want a HG612 so I can have a BCM6368 chipset with tweaking and advanced stats capabilities.

I would like to flash the HG521 back to factory firmware if possible - does anyone know if I can? do I change the firmware filename to match that of a Talk Talk one?


EDIT: after much googling it appears that getting a fw for this model is nigh impossible? doesnt appear to be any firmware download from huawei, I know this model isnt a 'Talk Talk' only router as ive seen 'Huawei' branded ones online
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