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Author Topic: Broadcom i24k switch  (Read 2049 times)


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Broadcom i24k switch
« on: June 13, 2012, 03:56:24 AM »

I have been testing/playing with the i24k switch on Broadcom chipsets...

I thought I would post this incase anyone else wants to know, as some of you know i24k is one of the 'advanced' switches supported by Broadcom chipsets (both router and Dslam/Msan must be broadcom) - this increases the Interleave memory from 16k to 24k and is 'supposed' to help make it more efficient...

heres what I found:

with i24k enabled I got a 200k increase in sync rate, 2ms increase in ping (36ms to 38ms) and FEC (Corrected RS) count was slighly higher, I ran these tests at 3am...

I ran HRping vigorously (200 pings over 10 seconds) to BBC website 4 times with i24k on and off...there was definitley as small but noticeable increase in Latency Delay
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