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Author Topic: Using AVG with Windows Graphing Scripts  (Read 1907 times)


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Using AVG with Windows Graphing Scripts
« on: May 30, 2012, 06:46:31 AM »

I have noticed that some days there is a gap of a few minutes in the data harvested for the Ongoing graphs.

This doesn't occur every day.

I have pinned it down however, only to when AVG is running virus scans.

While AVG is scanning, it appears to occasionally block logging in to access the modem's URL for access (via Plink) to xdslcmd data for just a few minutes, even though the scanning can take a lot longer & modem access is reinstated. (Modem default IP Address

Rescheduling the timing of the scans has also moved the timing of the gaps in the harvested data.

My reasonable spec PC is using Windows 7 (which operates with batch files slightly differently to XP & Vista).

I also have identical scripts running on a really low spec XP test machine (no virus checker installed).
The issue is not evident on this machine.

Has anyone else noticed this issue when using AVG (or any other virus checker)?

Or does it still occur on Windows 7 PCs anyway?

If so, please confirm your PC's operating system & details of your virus checker/Firewall settings etc. so that I can hopefully find a method of sorting out the issue permanently.

I am building some data harvesting error correction into my scripts (updates to be released quite soon).
In general, any errors such as a rare failure to login to the modem are already covered.

However, although overall data collection is perfectly satisfactory, I would like to remove/deal with this irritating "glitch".