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Author Topic: Inside the BT Business Hub 3.0  (Read 36782 times)


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Re: Inside the BT Business Hub 3.0
« Reply #15 on: September 09, 2012, 02:53:33 PM »

Yes it does show max rate but the idea was to compare the modems by max rate (i.e. sync rate, i.e. line rate, i.e. ATTNDR. See ITU specs here [1]).

As per the caveat in the original message, the table has other anomalies though - the BT Business Hub (2Wire) 2701HGV-C reports an actual rate that is higher the sync rate, and the BH3.0 does not report sync rate at all.

With an xDSL MSAN to play with now, these tests could probably be run in 'laboratory conditions' with a zero-loop, and with measured additive noise on the channel, etc.   Mirroring the controlled tests that were performed by Mattias Ernelli here [2]

cheers, a

[1]  (See Attainable Net Data Rate)

[2]  (see 4.3.1 Calculating the attainable rate)
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