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Author Topic: Security Alerts ......  (Read 2265 times)


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Security Alerts ......
« on: March 20, 2012, 05:29:45 AM »

Security watchers have discovered proof-of-concept code that attempts to exploit a high-risk Windows security hole, causing computers to crash.

The exploit attacks a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) flaw patched by Microsoft on Tuesday. Redmond's security staffers warned at the time that the critical update (MS12-020) was of a type hackers were likely to latch onto, warning that exploits were likely to follow within 30 days.

Fileless' malware installs into RAM

Exploit found in Russian adware invades process, doesn't install files.

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have found malware which, unusually, does not install any files on its victims PCs.

The researchers aren’t quite sure how unusual it is, describing it as both “unique” and “very rare”, but no matter how scarce this type of malware is it does sound rather nasty as it “… uses its payload to inject an encrypted dll from the web directly into the memory of the javaw.exe process.” That mode of operation means Windows and MacOS are both affected by the exploit, which is hard for many antivirus programs to spot given it runs within a trusted process.
This last one is evil, do not use Java unless really needed, use a good AdBlocker and in Firefox/IE use NoScript or SpywareBlaster. Be sure that Java is up dated, check via Secunia to be sure.